Two guys tried to enter my place thru the patio screen door. Good thing I locked the patio screen door. Fucking Surrey.

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it."

Albert Einstein (via feellng)

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how do you remain so loyal to your significant other when you have so many people who want to be with you and you can have anyone in the world


I take all my relationships very seriously. If I didn’t want to be with them, I would not be with them. I don’t start things to seek an ending in the near future. I am extremely loyal to my significant other. Otherwise, the relationship would be pointless. I don’t just date anyone.
Plus. Why would I consider other options when I already have everything I’ve ever wanted? It’s not hard to be loyal. I was loyal to someone who wasn’t loyal to me. And that’s not gonna change anything. People nowadays focus too hard on what other people have done to them in the past and try to use that as an excuse to their current actions. I personally can’t live by those standards. I’ve been cheated on more than anyone should be cheated on. But that’s not gonna matter in the long run. All that matters is that I’m out of those relationships and I’m in a better one. You can’t move on to bigger and better things when you’re stuck on your shitty past. Loyalty is something within your present self. The moment you choose to disrespect your own relationship, just shows how weak you choose to be. And if you don’t have confidence in your relationship, there’s no point. But that’s just me I guess

Why did you become vegan Rosie?


Because I watched a documentary, Earthlings.

I realized that just by consuming these products, or mindlessly choosing them - you’re supporting the industry, the brutality of what was going on before my eyes. And I realized that I really just could no longer be apart of that, not once I’ve seen that and began my search for alternative views. I have no need, desire or requirement for animal (by) products, so why support these industries?
After watching Forks over Knives next, I realized “wait, so - not only is this cruel* and horrible*, but it also kills US and causes health issues, because we are not designed to consume it.”

No animal dies peacefully, there is no humane way to kill, cut up and consume an animal. Animals are killed with stress, fear and anxiety riddling their veins, when the animal bleeds out and dies - I don’t believe the fear and anxiety leaves. By consuming the flesh of this animal, you then take on that negative energy, karma.
Treat people how you wish to be treated. Since when is that exclusive to humans? Why are animals excluded?

I realized I could no longer be apart of a society which functions this way. That, is why I am vegan.